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The Journey to Sprig

The Journey to Sprig - Sprig Flower Co

Infertility. The big daunting word that no one wants as their adjective. Shortly after Aaron (my hubs) and I got married we got pregnant (surprise!) It was fast but never the less we were excited, we love kids, we want 4 or 5 so we were ok with it. Around 10 or 11 weeks we were told that there was no heartbeat, I didn't believe them, surely they were mistaken, surely it was just too small in there and it would grow. We were told that we needed to prepare for a miscarriage and that the bleeding would start any day. I didn't, I prayed day in and day out that they were wrong but they weren't. I will never forget walking through a hobby lobby and feeling that trickle. It was horrible, I drove to Aarons work because it was closer than home, sat on the bathroom floor and sobbed.

Fast forward 3 years and 3 miscarriages later I didn't understand. I was lost, I was confused. The doctors didn't know why, we were told that we should stop trying and look at our options. I decide to go the natural route and start seeing a naturopath that specialized in all things infertility and obscure health issues. They treated me for a variety of things like parasites and food allergies. I don't know if this is what helped but we do know that in God's perfect timing we got pregnant a 4th time, I didn't get my hopes up, after all, why would I? I thought I was the butt of a bad joke. But 12 weeks came and there was still a tiny little flutter where the heart should be, and at 39 weeks on June 29, 2015 I gave birth to Ruby Louise via c-section after 18 hours of labor and 3 hours of pushing, a complete and perfect miracle. God is good.

After we brought Ruby home from the hospital, nothing seemed clean enough, if it was going to be in my house it needed to be edible (super unrealistic). I started making my own products (literally making dish detergent out of pureed lemons???? tip: it didn't work). It consumed me, I knew there had to be a better way, someone out there had to be trust worthy in the products they were putting forward. I had always been into "clean products," I started using essential oils 9-10 years ago but like most people I thought that if it was in the natural section at the store then it was safe for my family. The more research I did the more links I found to infertility and the chemicals that are in our everyday products, especially cosmetics! SAY WHAT?!?! The products I used every single day could be what had caused my heartache? From that moment on I vowed to protect Ruby to the best of my ability from these toxic chemicals. I continued researching and finding products that I could purchase that I didn't have to make that lived up to a standard that I felt safe bringing into my home.

I tried everything, I was getting tired of clean products that left my clothes dirty, my dishes spotted and my windows streaky! I spend thousands of dollars on cleaning and cosmetics searching for the cleanest and the best. But that's just it, I got tired of searching I got tired of driving hours to pick up a product when I would run out or spending a fortune in shipping. I would tell Aaron "I wish I could get these products somewhere local, somewhere that all of the good stuff was in one place" so that's what I did with Sprig. Sprig is my years of dedication and research to living a non-toxic life style brought to you in a place that you can trust that ALL of our products are safe for you and your entire family!

It doesn't have to be expensive, it doesn't have to be difficult, I am here to make it easy on you, I have done the work. I want you to reap the benefits of the hours and money spent to bring you the best. I want to protect you and your family the best I can. You don't have to ditch and switch all at once, start with the products that you AND your kiddos have the most contact with and go from there.

In summary I choose to use clean products because I want to protect my children, I want to do everything in my power to ensure they do not go through the heartache I went through. Maybe it won't help but I will try my hardest and do my best for them each and everyday.

Unfortunately After Ruby I had 4 more miscarriages and we were blessed to welcome sweet Marigold Jane on April 19th 2020 and Axel Ford on March 10, 2022. Axel was conceived and 3 weeks later we conceived a set of twins, yes! twins, making him a triplet. Unfortunately we lost babies C and B early on in pregnancy, the Drs feel this was likely due to a lack on nutrients from malnourishment of my own body. 



Oh my goodness, I love you and your shop even more! Thank you for sharing your why! My journey to motherhood is similar to yours as it began with a miscarriage, followed by years of trying to get pregnant again. Against all odds I have been blessed with two beautiful babes and, like you, I try to keep our products as clean as possible so I do make lots of my own. I was thrilled to see one of my fave lines of hair care in your shop!
Keep on keepin on mama!