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Sprig Employee Favorite Things

We have rounded our “desert island”, ride or die, pull from our cold dead hands product list for you! Trust us when we say this wasn't easy, we all have a LONG list of things we never want to live without from Sprig!

Alyssa - owner 

Nymph Nectar - superfruit radiance balm

 I have extreme dry skin that is also thin, which means it doesn’t have a ton of elasticity. Nymph nectar not only imparts the moisture I need but it its high level of Vitamins C, A, K and E help with combating fine lines, wrinkles, and keeping my skin radiant while also helping with elasticity. I cannot go a day without it. I also love this product because you can use it in a small amount as a daily moisturizer or load it up un the evening as a sleep mask! It is perfect with anyone struggling with dry or dull skin.


Kaitlin - shop girl + hair/makeup guru

Pink House Blonde Dry shampoo - being a mom, using dry shampoo is such a time saver when it comes to getting ready in the morning. I love that Pink House only uses naturally derived ingredients that don’t irritate my scalp and also wash clean from my hair when I get around to real shampooing. Plus, their product comes in 3 different colors options for a variety of hair colors! 

Kara - shop manager extraordinaire

Aurora- Superfood Luminance Ampoule by Earth Harbor:
My skin has never been so consistently healthy, glowy or unproblematic. Aurora is full of nutrients and vitamins that keep your skin protected, looking young and give it a natural glow. Additionally it’s filled with ingredients that calm and fight inflammation, something I benefit from and am very grateful for! I use this product DAILY and never let myself run out.


Hannah - shop girl + floral designer 

RMS Un-Cover Up

Dry or oily, it doesn’t matter, the RMS Un-Cover Up Concealer melts into my skin for a perfectly natural coverage. Flawlessly hiding my dark circles and uneven skin tone, seamlessly covering my blemishes with is sheer but buildable formula and doubling as a light foundation when my skin needs that extra love. My ever changing skin and I are in love with this product!



Wishing you all the Beauty and Blooms, 

Alyssa, Kaitlin, Kara and Hannah!



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