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About Sprig

Sprig was formerly Sprig Flower Co it is located in the beautiful historic district of Snohomish, Washington. Our new location is located at 1204 1st Street Snohomish.

Sprig started as a floral company following owner Alyssa's passion for design, however we opened a second location in November of 2022 and refocused our direction to clean and non-toxic beauty, skincare, cosmetics and clothing. 

We closed our Flower Store Mother's Day of 2023 on our 4 year anniversary of being open, though this was bitter sweet Alyssa has been excited to focus her attention on her passion of clean cosmetics and skincare.

Clean living is a huge part of her life after struggling with fertility and learning about the chemicals linked to fertility in her daily products. She was tired of the long drives and limited products that were available to her locally and she wanted to bring the items she loves to the people of Snohomish County. As Sprig grows and changes we are continuously bringing in new products that we love and feel fit our strict guidelines for clean living. We are excited to bring you the best of clean beauty, skincare and homecare that we can find! Items that are safe for EVERY member of your family!

Brands we carry:

Jane Iredale, Osea, RMS Beauty, Elate Cosmetics, Earth Harbor, Cocokind, Plume Science, True Glue, Alevia, Innersense, Under Luna, Klee Kids, Chocolate Sun and more!