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Unscented | For all ages and sensitivities | Hydrating

  • Conditioner 8.5oz

purpose: free all scents and essential oils for adults with sensitivities or to cleanse our newborns and babies. made with nutrient-rich nettle leaf, scalp healing plantain, and soothing chamomile + calendula. it's loved by all.

best for: those with sensitivies, pregnant, babies or if you are looking for a hydrating shampoo. don't let this fool you - just because it's unscented doesn't mean its lacking in benefits. au contraire! this shampoo has an abundance of scalp loving, hair softening and hydrating herbs. also great for scalp issues like dry scalp or cradle cap for babies/kids


- concentrated shampoo. a little goes a long way.


- for newborns, babies, sensitive to EO's/aromas or overall sensitive scalp, pregnant, this one is for you!


- safe for color treated hair


- vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, sulfate free


- made with natural ingredients only, reiki infused