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Our Fav Gifts - Not available at Sprig!

Our Fav Gifts - Not available at Sprig! - Sprig Flower Co

The Leaf Razor - Did you know that the razors with the soap or lotion strip on them contain toxins that can cause irritation such as fragrance! When we are shaving our legs our skin is the most vulnerable, that's why is it important to ditch the toxic chemicals associated with shaving. The leaf razor is the best on the market for a close shave with no nicks or irritation. 

Leaf Razor

Caraway Pans- Most non-stick pans contain PTFEs along with many other toxic chemicals. Caraway Pans are free from all the extra junk! But truth be told we all LOVE a classic cast iron pan and would add those to our list as well! Just make sure you ask for an unseasoned pan and season it yourself! 

Blue Light Glasses - If you don't already have them you need them, and so does anyone else in your family that spends time in front of a computer, phone or TV. The protect your eyes against the damages caused by blue light, reduce headaches, and help with the effects of blue light on sleep. We would obviously pair this with Samphire- the Earth Harbor ampoule that helps with the aging effects of blue light on our skin! 

AloYoga Scrunch Socks - These are just a personal fav and a must for the winter season! 

Gap Organic Ribbed Beanie - These adorbs beanies come in all the cute trendy colors and are perfect for anyone! 

Parachute Bedding - Because who doesn't want the ultimate cozy luxury bedding this Christmas! 

Wildpier Exfoliating Glove - We cannot wait to carry these in store! These are the absolute best for exfoliation and maintaining smooth skin, treating KP and so many other skin conditions! 

Bright Eyes Mask from 100% Pure - As we continue to search for the perfect under eye ask for the shop these will do! We love these and they are completely safe! 


Wishing you all the beauty and blooms this Christmas Season! 

- Alyssa 


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